Convert Turbotax pdf to tax file

Turbotax gets you all the options to file taxes online. It also offers you to convert turbotax pdf to tax file to make tax return easily accessible. PDF file is non-editable version of the file you get at Turbotax. As Turbotax cannot open or read it. To make changes to your data, Tax data file (.tax, .ttt) is also needed.

The PDF file allows you to view, refer and get the structured tax data in hand after filing tax return using turbotax, while tax data file presents you options to amend and update the info you wish to add. Tax data file can be amended and transferred between platforms while PDF file can only be read using PDF file viewer.

Why to convert turbotax pdf to tax file?

After completing your taxes you need to save your tax data into PDF format to refer it, whenever required in near future. Get all your data collected into the sole format ready –

  • Turbotax software cannot read or open the tax data file, so its necessary to convert it into Tax data file.
  • To transfer your tax information, Tax data file offers compatibility convenience, which is not offered with PDF file format.
  • Extraction of data from tax data file is easily accessible. PDF file presents compatiblity issues, and certain other problems.
  • To convert Turbotax pdf file to tax file you need to go with the steps defined here ahead.
  • Tax data file conveniently helps you to get data while filing tax return online. You can update your tax information easily, which you can’t do with PDF format. It is essential sometimes to make changes to your data, with turbotax file.

How can I convert turbotax pdf to tax file?

Turbotax eases you PDF file conversion to tax file. Ready with your Turbotax login credentials, with PC connected to stable internet connection. In order to convert turbotax pdf to tax file, proceed with the following instructions –

  1. Login your turbotax account on the platform.
  2. Now, get ready with your turbotax pdf file.
  3. Thereafter, click the Upload button, tap ‘Ok’.
  4. Now, choose the ‘TXF’ format, to open turbotax files.
  5. Tap the ‘Convert‘ button.
  6. Now, you will receive the file, download the file using your gmail account.
  7. Launch Turbotax on your PC, select the ‘Open File’.
  8. Further, search for the file by typing on the search bar.
  9. Continue ahead with ‘OK’. Grab the tax data file to refer all the information you wish to access.

How tax data file differ from PDF ?

A tax file is report of all the tax data you filed on Turbotax. While PDF version is also the same, but it cannot be amended only referred whenever required. Tax data file can be accessed and edited. Further, you need to download certain PDF reader to view the PDF files. Whereas Tax data file can be opened using any Turbotax software or CD software. Tax data file is saved on Turbotax desktop on its own.

How to save tax return as a tax data file?

When you complete tax returns online on Turbotax, you should save it as tax file data –

  1. Login your Turbotax account using your credentials.
  2. Under the ‘Tools’ select ‘Tax Tools’.
  3. Click on the ‘Save your 2023 return to your computer‘ under ‘Tools Center’.
  4. After this a file called ‘taxReturn.tax2023‘ downloads. Locate it.
  5. Thereafter, this will save the file on your turbotax software.